Age:              60                                                Height:           5'11"
Eyes:             Blue                                            Weight:          190                                    
Hair:              Dark Brown                                Voice:            Baritone/Tenor
Age Range:    50 up

1982, Monterey Peninsula Shakespeare Festival, Advanced Acting Instructors, Voice and Speech: James Dunn and Edward Emanuel
1981–1982, Advanced Acting, Monterey Peninsula College, Acting Instructor: Morgan Stock
1981, American Conservatory Theatre, STC, Acting Instructor: John Fletcher
1979, Hartnell Summer Repertory (The Western Stage), Instructors:Alan Cook/Suzanne Allen
1973–1979, Children’s Experimental Theatre, Instructor: Marcia Gambrell Hovick

  85–Present                        Various Commercials (list upon request)                                 Media Medicine; KMST; KSBW       

STAGE ACTOR (Selected) * denotes paid contractual performance(s)
9/17      *Cyrano                     Cyrano                                          Ken Kelleher                    Pacific Repertory Theatre
1/14      *Pilot                      Jesus Christ Superstar                       Lara Devlin                  Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/12      *Antony                  Julius Caesar                                    Ken Kelleher                 Pacific Repertory Theatre
8/07      *Macbeth                Macbeth                                           Ken Kelleher                 Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/05      *Edward DeVere     The Beard of Avon                              Ken Kelleher                   Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/04      *Ned                      Elizabeth Rex                                  Rob Bundy                    Pacific Repertory Theatre
2/03      *Jason                   Medea (Jeffers v.)                           Joe Chaikin                    Pacific Repertory Theatre
6/02      *John Merrick     The Elephant Man                          John Rousseau               Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/00      *Oberon                A Mid-summer Night’s Dream      Nina Capriola                Forest Theater/CSF
9/00      *Volpone               Volpone                                            John Rousseau               Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/99      *Uncle Peck          Coriolanus                                       Nick Hovick                   Pacific Repertory Theatre
3/99      *Brick                    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                      John Rousseau               Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/93      *Johnny                 Shimmer                                          John Rousseau               Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/97      *Coriolanus           Coriolanus                                       Nick Hovick                   Forest Theater/CSF
9/93      *Hamlet                  Hamlet                                            Brian Donoghue             Pacific Repertory Theatre
9/93      *Richmond             Richard III                                      Jeffrey T. Heyer             Forest Theater/CSF
1/93      *Ensemble              The Illusion                                    Dan Gotch                     Monterey Playhouse
4/92      *Barry Champlain    Talk Radio                                      John Rousseau               GroveMont Theatre
4/90      *Valmont                  Les Liaisons Dangereuses              Mickie Moorer              GroveMont Theater
1/89      *Williamson             Glengarry Glen Ross                      Jeremy Slate                  GroveMont Theater
4/88      *John Merrick           The Elephant Man                         John Rousseau               GroveMont Theater
9/88      *Sylvestro                 Scapino                                           Sid Cato                        Carmel Play Festival
1/87      *Reporter                  How I Got That Story                     Rosamond Goodrich     GroveMont Theater
9/87      *Robin Hood             Robin Hood/The King Returns      Jim Webber                   Carmel Play Festival
8/86      *Jack                         Charlie’s Aunt                                Jim Dunn                       Monterey Peninsula College
7/85      *Romeo                     Romeo and Juliet                           Rosamond Goodrich     TheatreFest ’86
8/85      *Dromio                    Comedy of Errors                          James Dunn                   Monterey Peninsula College
10/85       Levinsky                  Nuts                                               Rosamond Goodrich     Carl Cherry Foundation
3/85        John Merrick           The Elephant Man                         Taft Miller                     Hartnell College
1/85      *George                     Of Mice and Men                           Robert Darling              Hidden Valley Music Seminars
8/84      *Tournel                    A Flea in Her Ear                           Peter Neiburg                Monterey Peninsula College
4/84        Nick                         The Woods                                     Eileen Callahan            Carl Cherry Foundation
1/84        Mark                        Mass Appeal                                   Nick Zanides               York Theatre
8/83        Tom Jones                Tom Jones                                      Hamish Tyler                Outdoor Forest Theatre
7/83        Phillip                       A Lion in Winter                            Ramie Wikdahl            Outdoor Forest Theatre
8/82      *Tranio                       The Taming of the Shrew              James Dunn                  Monterey Peninsula College
7/82      *Lancelot Gobbo        The Merchant of Venice               Edward EmanuEL         Shakespeare Festival
4/82        Cliff                           The Woolgatherer                        Nicholas Hovick            Carl Cherry Foundation
3/82        Garth (private)          Philadelphia, Here I Come!          Morgan Stock                Monterey Peninsula College
3/81      *Gunner                      Misalliance                                    Marcia Hovick              Staff Players Rep. Company
12/80       Benedick                   Much Ado About Nothing           Morgan Stock                Monterey Peninsula College
1/80      *Bertram                     All’s Well That Ends Well            Marcia Hovick               Staff Players Rep. Company
7/79      *Ottavio                      Scapino                                          Suzanne Allen               Hartnell Summer Repertory



      5/06      Talking to Terrorists (W. Coast Prem)                   Golden Bough Theatre
      3/05      M. Butterfly                                                           Golden Bough Theatre
      9/04      Richard III                                                             Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      8/04      Henry VI, Part 3                                                    Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/03      Henry VI, Part 2                                                    Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      8/03      Henry VI, Part 1                                                    Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/02      Henry V                                                                 Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/02      Henry IV, Part 2                                                     Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      8/02      Henry IV, Part 1                                                     Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/01      Richard II                                                               Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      8/01      Thomas of Woodstock                                           Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      8/01      Edward III (American Pro. Premiere)                   Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/99      King Lear                                                               Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/98      Antony & Cleopatra                                              Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      6/98      Cyrano (American Premiere)                                Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/97      Romeo & Juliet                                                     Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/96      Pericles, Prince ofTyre                                          Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/96      Henry IV, Part 1                                                    Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      6/96      Amadeus                                                               Golden Bough Theatre
      6/95      Madness of George III (W. Coast Premiere)        Golden Bough Theatre
      3/95      Death of a Salesman                                             Golden Bough Theatre
      9/94      Henry V                                                                 Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/94      Julius Caesar                                                         Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      7/93      The Plantaganets: Rise of Edward IV                  Monterey Playhouse
      7/93      The Plantaganets: Henry VI  (W.Coast Pre)         Monterey Bay TheatreFest
      9/92      Othello                                                                  Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      9/90      Romeo & Juliet                                                     Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      7/89      Julius Caesar                                                         Monterey Bay TheatreFest ’89
      9/88      The Four Musketeers (World Prem.)                    Carmel Play Festival
      8/88      Henry IV, Part 2                                                    Monterey Bay TheatreFest ’88
      7/88      Henry IV, Part 1                                                    Monterey Bay TheatreFest ’88

      6/09      Laughter on the 23rd Floor                                   Circle Theatre
    10/07      A Mid-summer Night’s Dream                            Forest Theater/CSF
      3/02      Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You      Circle Theatre
      3/00      Picasso at the Lapin Agile                                    Circle Theatre
      6/98      Cyrano (American Premiere)                               Golden Bough Theatre
      5/98      Sylvia                                                                    Circle Theatre
      6/97      The Human Chess Game                                      TheatreFest ’97
      6/96      The Human Chess Game                                      TheatreFest ’96
      9/95      Merchant of Venice                                               Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      4/95      La Bete (Central Coast Premiere)                         Circle Theatre
    12/94      A Midsummer Night's Dream                               Golden Bough Playhouse
      6/92      Laughing Wild                                                        Monterey Playhouse
      9/89      A Midsummer Night’s Dream                               Carmel Shake-speare Festival
      6/89      The Human Chess Game                                       TheatreFest ’90
      1/89      Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got The Will?                    GroveMont Theater
      9/88      The Three Musketeers (World Pre.)                      Carmel Play Festival
      4/88      Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You       GroveMont Theater
      7/87      A Midsummer Night’s Dream                              Monterey Bay TheatreFest ’87

    08/21      Shrek The Musical                                                 Forest Theatre
   08/19      Beauty and the Beast                                               Forest Theatre
    02/18      Fun Home (reg. premiere).                                     Golden Bough Theatre
    08/17      Peter Pan                                                                 Forest Theatre
    02/17      Madagascar Live                                                    Golden Bough Theatre
    08/16      Wizard of Oz                                                          Forest Theatre
    02/16      Heathers the Musical                                              Golden Bough Theatre
    02/15      The Pirates of Penzance                                         Golden Bough Theatre
    02/13      Legally Blonde                                                       Golden Bough Theatre
    01/12      Hairspray                                                                Golden Bough Theatre
    01/11      All Shook Up                                                          Golden Bough Theatre
    01/10      All Shook Up                                                          Golden Bough Theatre
    11/09      25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee             Golden Bough Theatre
      1/09      High School Musical 2 (W. Coast Pre.)                  Golden Bough Theatre
      8/08      The Wizard of Oz                                                    Forest Theater
      5/08      Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story                              Golden Bough Theatre
      1/08      High School Musical                                               Golden Bough Theatre
    12/07      Twist and Shout Tribute Concert                             Golden Bough Theatre
    11/07      The Full Monty                                                        Golden Bough Theatre
      2/07      High School Musical (W.Coast Pre.)                       Santa Catalina Performing Arts Center
    12/06      Twist and Shout Tribute Concert (World Pre)         Golden Bough Theatre
    11/06      Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story                               Golden Bough Theatre
    11/05      Roots of Rock and Roll Tribute Concert (World P) Golden Bough Theatre
    10/05      Johnny Guitar (Northern Calif. Prem.)                    Golden Bough Theatre
      6/05      My Way (co-director)                                               Golden Bough Theatre
    11/04      Buddy Holly Winter Concert (World Prem.)            Golden Bough Theatre
      6/04      Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story                                Post St. Theatre, San Francisco
      2/04      Blood Brothers                                                          Golden Bough Theatre
    11/03      Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story                                Golden Bough Theatre
      5/03      Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story(Cn. Coast Prem.)   Golden Bough Theatre//San Jose Stage
      3/01      West Side Story                                                        Golden Bough Theatre
      3/97      Passion (Central Coast Prem.)                                  Golden Bough Theatre
      6/91      Nunsense (Central Coast Prem.)                               Monterey Playhouse
    12/90      Tomfoolery                                                                Monterey Playhouse
    10/90      Tomfoolery                                                                GroveMont Theater
    12/89      Tomfoolery                                                                GroveMont Theater
      9/89      Tomfoolery                                                                Carmel Play Festival

Previously - California Community College Teaching Credential for Theater Arts
2 years                                        Teaching          Character Development in New Works
4 years                                        Teaching          Comedy Direction
4 years                                        Teaching          Shakespeare Interpretation
4 years                                        Teaching          Voice Techniques
6 years                                        Teaching          Stage Combat Workshops
     1990      Best Direction       Comedy           A Midsummer Night’s Dream
     1989      Best Direction       Comedy           Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You
     1989      Best Direction       Drama             Julius Caesar

1 year                                                  Teaching       Theater Management
3 years                                                Teaching       Theater Workshop
     1989      Best Production           Drama             Julius Caesar
     1989      Best Production           Comedy           Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You
     1989      Best Production           Drama             Down An Alley Filled With Cats
     1988      Best Production           Drama             The Elephant Man
     1988      Best Production           Comedy           On the Verge
     1987      Best Production           Drama             Strange Snow
     1987      Best Production           Comedy           A Midsummer Night’s Dream
     1986      Best Production           Drama             Sally and Marsha
     1986      Critic’s Spotlight           “Person under 30 with the most important contribution to
                                                               general theatrical welfare as producer and actor.”
     1986      Critic’s Spotlight           “Contribution to Monterey County Theater for offering
                                                               new and contemporary plays.”
     1986      Critic’s Spotlight           “Contribution to Monterey County Theater for introducing
                                                               theater goers to new shows and seeking out accomplished

Stage Fencing – 4 years; Stage Fighting and Tumbling – 6 years; Juggling – 1 year
individual instruction; Voice – 3 years; Dialects – English (Upper and Cockney), Irish,
Scottish, Japanese, German, and French.
     1990      Best Actor             Les Liaisons Dangereuses    GroveMont Theater
     1985      Best Actor             The Elephant Man         Hartnell College “Western Stage”
     1979      Best Actor             California Secondary School Theater Festival



Personally spearheaded a highly successful community fund drive, raising over $600,000 in less than six months to "save" the historic Golden Bough Playhouse from destruction. Secured and negotiated purchase option, eventual purchase and additional $600,000 in financing for Golden Bough project. Initiated the Great Play Series on the main stage of the Golden Bough with Death of a Salesman and re-activated the historic Circle Theatre with the modern farce La Bete, both of which, Mr. Moorer directed, to critical acclaim. Developed a shared-use format with other community arts and cultural groups to maximize utilization of the facility during the established off-season. Oversaw initial renovation including re-design of Main Auditorium from proscenium movie theatre to partial thrust live performance stage, and lobby renovation and displays.

Created a series of challenging and exciting plays from the current international theater scene, presented as the main program of the GroveMont Theater Arts Center. Also developed a booking format for the engagement of touring concerts, poetry readings, independent artists, and workshops at the Arts Center.

Created the Central Coast’s largest attended cultural event (over 250,000 spectators to date). Featuring family oriented productions—classics, fairytales, commedias and historical reenactments—offered FREE each summer at Monterey’s historic Custom House Plaza, a division of the California State Parks System.

Created this annual arts festival, featuring a unique blend of shakespearean works, classics, musical and poetic works and lecture/workshops at Carmel’s historic Outdoor Forest Theater.

Successfully negotiated contract with Monterey Peninsula College officials which resulted in the development of the current off-campus drama program, providing theater-arts related classes and workshops to hundreds of area students, while also providing literally millions of dollars worth of major funding to numerous local arts organizations.

Created format for annual touring of fairytales, poetry, pocket-classics and musical programs to various locations throughout Monterey County.

With California State Parks officials, developed recognized training program for State Park Rangers and other Peace Officers, using GroveMont actors in situational role-playing scenarios.

With City of Monterey officials, developed joint project utilizing historical buildings to present recreations of California/Monterey history.

Served on the founding board and steering committee of First Night Monterey for the forst three years of its existence. Areas of expertise included overall technical production, artistic and logistical planning, vendor policies and implementation.

Proposed the original concept for the festival & spearheaded the search for initial funding. Co-wrote the Festival's initial grant request to the Monterey County Tax and Tourism Alliance which provided $35,000 seed money for the festival. Served on the founding Board of Directors.

Co-founded organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Forest Theater, and its historic programs.


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