Peppy Garner and Darnell Whitt School of Dramatic Arts (SoDA)


PacRep's Peppy Garner & Darnell Whitt School of Dramatic Arts (SoDA) offers quality performing arts training in a safe and nurturing environment, where students build self-esteem and creative confidence, as they learn to express themselves onstage.

Young actors in PacRep's School of Dramatic Arts

The Indoor Forest Theater is located on the lower floor of the Outdoor Forest Theater stage, at the corner of Santa Rita Street and Mountain View Avenue in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. 

The SoDA scholarship fund makes it possible for everyone to attend. Just ask! 

Download the Financial Aid Request form and submit with your application today.  If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact 
us at (831) 622-0700 or on email at

Special Thanks to the support from 

School of Dramatic Arts Instructors 

Corinne Agro SoDA Instructor
  Instructor: Corinne Agro
Palmer Davis SoDA Instructor
  Instructor: Palmer Davis
Justin Gaudoin SoDA Instructor
  Instructor: Justin Gaudoin
Sarah Gaudoin SoDA Instructor
  Instructor: Sarah Gaudoin
Mickie Mosley SoDA Instructor
  Instructor: Mickie A. Mosley
Tanya Olson SoDA Instructor   Instructor: Tanya Olson


Shaquira Robinson SoDA Instructor
  Instructor: Shaquira Robinson

  Instructor: Corey Wright


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