SoDA School of Dramatic Arts

Due to the impacts of the coronavirus, and for the safety of our students, we offer a hybrid of online classes and
socially-distance outdoor day camps. See class descriptions for details.
Young actors in PacRep's School of Dramatic Arts

SoDA's 2022 Spring Classes
Outdoor Sessions

All Spring Classes are held at the Outdoor Forest Theater.

Spring Classes
Saturday Academy
 SAT: 2/12 - 5/7
 (no class 4/16);
 TIME: 9:30A- 10:30A (1st-3rd);
           11:00A- 12:00P (4th-6th);
           1:00P- 3:00P (7th-12th);    
 Fee: (1st-3rd) $145
         (4th-6th) $145
         (7th-12th) $240

 Instructors:  Tanya Olson &
 Jessica Karabedian

 Students are encouraged to find and develop their own level of creative confidence through theatrical disciplines and techniques of speech, movement, historical characterization, pantomime, improvisation, stage combat and more. Students learn to enhance their awareness, self-esteem and the ability to work with others towards a common goal. Students advance from basic to more challenging curriculum on a year-by-year basis, and develop leadership skills by serving in key roles, such as Stage Manager, Assistant Director, Sound Mixer, Videographer, and more!
Tall Tales
  TALL TALES (New Class!)
  MON: 2
/7 - 5/2
  (no class 4/11)
  TIME: 4:30P- 5:30P;
  GRADES: 2-4; Fee: $145

  Instructor:  Tanya Olson
  Through freedom of movement   
  and expression, students use
  their imaginations to create,
  design, rehearse and perform
  their own original tall tale play.
  Students build teamwork and
  problem-solving skills through
  hands-on, fun challenges that
  they solve as a group.

Whats My Line
  WHAT'S MY LINE? (New Class!)
  MON: 2/7 - 5/2
  (no class 4/11)
  TIME: 6:00P- 7:00P;
  GRADES: 5-6; Fee: $145

  Instructor: Tanya Olson
 Given a line and prop, students
 incorporate them in crating a play 
 that they will perform. Students
 will be introduced to other theatre 
 roles, such as stage manager, 
 props master, set designer, and 
 sound mixer, and build teamwork
 and problem-solving skills by
 hands-on, fun challenges that
 they solve as a group.

Fairy Tale Theatre
  TUE: 2/8-5/3;
  (no class 4/12)
  TIME: 4:30P- 5:30P
  GRADES: PreK-1; Fee: $145
  Instructor: Tanya Olson

 Through freedom of movement 
 and expresson, students create 
 an original version of a classic 
 fairy tale with a modern,
 personalized twist! Students 
 share some of their favorite fairy 
 tales in class and discuss what 
 makes these tales special. From
 this, students generate story
 ideas and characters, ending with
 a performance. Learning a song 
 and a dance is also part of the


Broadway Musical Theatre
  WED; 2/9-5/4
  (no class 4/13)
  TIME: 4:30P-6:00P
  GRADES: 3rd-6th; Fee: $180
  Instructor: Chrissy Brooks

  Students will be introduced to 
 wide spectrum of age appropriate
 musicals. Valuable performance
 and character development skills
 will be gained by exploring 
 scenes into songs. Theater,
 dance and music all in one 
 amazing class!
Beginner Intermediate Tap Class  BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE   
  TAP CLASS for 16+

  WED; 2/9-5/4
  (no class 4/13);
  TIME: 6:15P-7:45P

  AGES: 16 +   Fee: $150
  Instructor: Chrissy Brooks
  This class will introduce tappers
  to basic tap skills of rhythm, 
  sounds and tap terminology.
  Students will develop basic
  clean tap movements and
  sounds. Larger variety of
  movement combinations will
  also be worked on in class.
  Students with previous Tap
  experience will refresh basic
  skills and terminology, and
  students will create challenging
  combinations and movements.
  Not only will the class help all
  students improve their skills, but 
  it's also a great workout in a
  positive environment.
Vocal Techniques  VOCAL TECHNIQUES
  FRI; 2/11-5/6
 (no class 4/15);
 TIME: 4:30P - 6:00P
 GRADES: 6th-12th; Fee $180

 Instructors: Chrissy Brooks
 Vocal techniques teaches students the fundamental skills for singing, including warm-ups, posture, placement, breath support, and presentation. The class is designed to help students appreciate the uniqueness and power of their own voice, as well as understand the physiology needed to produce a healthy sound. Students will select songs, and work on singing their selection(s) in a healthy and productive way.
Kids Musical Theatre Dance  KIDS MUSICAL THEATRE       DANCE SAT; 2/12-5/7
 (no class 4/16);
 TIME: 3:30P - 5:00P
 GRADES: 5th-7th; Fee $180

 Instructors: Brianna Wilbon       and Jessica Karabedian
 Musical Theatre class will focus on learning proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. ...Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.


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