SoDA School of Dramatic Arts

Due to the impacts of the coronavirus, and for the safety of our students, we offer a hybrid of online classes and
socially-distance outdoor day camps. See class descriptions for details.
Young actors in PacRep's School of Dramatic Arts

SoDA's 2021 Fall Classes
Outdoor Sessions

All Fall Classes are held at the Outdoor Forest Theater.

Fall Classes
Storybook Theatre Adventures
 MON: 9/13 - 12/6
 (no class 11/22);
 TIME: 3:30P- 4:15P;
 AGES: 4-6; Fee: $150

 Instructor:  Kyle Richlin
 Exercising their natural creativity   through movement, vocal work,   games and improvisation,   students will portray beloved   storybook characters while
 gaining confidence and presence   on stage.
Treasure Trunk Theatre
9/14 - 12/7
  (no class 11/23)
  TIME: 3:30P- 4:15P;
  AGES: 6-8; Fee: $150

  Instructor:  Kyle Richlin
  Open the trunk to discover the     spark that inspires that day's   interactive adventure. Each day   builds into a story that we create   and act out. Students learn to   band together and use their   voices, bodies, and imaginations   to overcome a myriad of dramatic   challenges.
Broadway Musical Theatre Song and Dance
  TUE: 9/14 - 12/7
  (no class 11/23)
  TIME: 4:30P- 6:00P;
  AGES: 12+; Fee: $180

  Instructors: Kyle Richlin &     Miranda Perl
 Students will be introduced to a   wide spectrum of musicals.   Valuable perfomances and   character development skills will   be gained by exploring scenes
 into songs from Broadway.
 Scene, song and movement all
 in one amazing class.

Sing and Play
  WED: 9/22-12/15;
  (no class 11/24)
  TIME: 3:30P- 4:15P
  AGES: 5-8; Fee: $150
  Instructor: Miranda Perl

 Students will experience singing   through theatre games and       movement. This class will tap into   each student's natural singing   ability while fostering teamwork,   self-expression, and confidence   building.


Bach to Rock Glee Club Singers
  WED; 9/22-12/15
  (no class 11/24)
  TIME: 4:30P-6:00P
  AGES: 9-16; Fee: $180
  Instructor: Miranda Perl

  Each student will explore fun     vocal exercises and singing in   harmony while performing   arrangements of popular songs.   The B2R Glee Club provides a   group learning experience that   emplasizes reading music,   intonation, listening skills,
 rhythm, and healthy vocal   technique.
Saturday Academy  SATURDAY ACADEMY
  SAT; 9/18-12/11
  (no class 11/27);
  10:00A-11:15A 1st-3rd Grade
  11:30A-12:45P 4th-6th Grade
  1:00P - 3:00P 7th-12th Grade

  1st - 6th Grade Fee: $150
  7th - 12th Grade Fee: $240

  Instructor: Gracie Balestreri
  Fall 2021 will focus on the         classics. Students grades 1   through 12 are encouraged to
 find and develop their own level
 of creative confidence through   theatre techniques.
Kids Musical Theatre Dance  KIDS MUSICAL THEATRE       DANCE SAT; 9/18-12/11
 (no class 11/27);
 TIME: 3:30P - 5:00P
 AGES: 6-12; Fee $180

 Instructor: Kyle Richlin
 Students will be introduced to a   wide spectrum of musical theatre   dance styles, beginning with the   genre of Broadway musicals   followed by a deeper study of   several well-known individual   choreographers, including Bob   Fosse and Michael Bennett.
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