PacRep 2020

ONLINE auditions, by way of Zoom, will be announced here!
Check back often!

Accepted Year-round:
Please fill out and submit the online form below, prepare a 2-minute video of a musical excerpt (or excerpts) of your choosing, with your own accompaniment. Upload your 2-minute video, where indicated.

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Matilda Feb 6 - Mar 15, 2020
Rehearsal: Nov 18- Dec 21, 2019
Marjorie Prime Mar 26 - Apr 11
Rehearsal starts Feb 25
A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder June 25 - July 26
Rehearsal starts May 18
Shrek the Musical Aug 7- Sept 20
Rehearsal starts June 29
Death and the Maiden Sept 3 - 20
Rehearsals start Aug 4
Othello Oct 1 - 18
Rehearsals start Aug 3
The Addams Family Nov 12 - Dec 20
Rehearsals start Sept 21
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Saturdays 4-7PM
Saturdays 7-10PM
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Sundays 4-7PM
Sundays 7-10PM

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