Peppy Garner and Darnell Whitt
School of Dramatic Arts (SoDA) Summer Camps

Pacific Repertory Theatre would like to acknowledge the extraordinary gift of Darnell Whitt.
PacRep's Board, staff, performers, students and volunteers will be forever thankful!


     PacRep's Peppy Garner & Darnell Whitt School of Dramatic Arts (SoDA) offers quality performing arts training in a safe and nurturing environment, where students build self-esteem and creative confidence, as they learn to express themselves onstage.

Young actors in PacRep's School of Dramatic Arts Summer Camps

SoDA's 2024 Summer Camps 
June 3 through August 2, 2024 (no camps July 4)

All Camps are held at Carmel's historic Forest Theater,
Santa Rita & Mountain View, Carmel-by-the-Sea





  Instructors: Teagan Cox, TBA
    M-F: June 3
    TIME: 1:00PM – 3:00PM
FEE: $120
 or July Session
    M-F: July 8-12
    TIME: 10:00AM - 12 Noon
    FEE: $120 

Let's sing and dance together! Music has the power to bring out the passion that everyone possesses within. This camp will encourage stage confidence through singing and dancing, allowing children to express themselves through storytelling!  We will create a mashup of    several musical theatre numbers that are near and dear to musical theater fans!


FILM ESSENTIALS      Instructor: Sarah Gaudoin

                 JULY CAMP

    Instructor: Sarah Gaudoin
      M-F: July 1519
      TIME: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
      GRADES 5–12
      FEE: $150

For both beginning and continuing aspiring filmmakers: this course
will provide plenty of hands-on experience in making movies.
Class will cover pre-production (scriptwriting, storyboarding), production (shooting a film!), and post-production (editing). The
class will finish with a “premiere” film screening to show off the students’ hard work! Continuing students are welcome!

*Screening date TBA.

 MUSIC INSTITUTE III          Vocal Performance      Instructor: Justin Gaudoin     Wednesdays: Sept 27 – Dec 13       TIME: 5:00PM – 6:30PM    GRADES: 5 - 12    FEE $185

        MUSIC INSTITUTE          CAMP

   Instructor: Justin Gaudoin
     Tu-F: June 11–21
     TIME: 10:00AM – 12 Noon
RADES: 2–12
     FEE $195
  or July Session

     M-F: July 15–26
     TIME: 10:00AM – 12 Noon
RADES: 2–12
     FEE $195

If you like to sing, love to sing, or live to sing, take this class. You will learn everything necessary to succeed in auditions, rehearsals, and performances whether you’re a singer, an actor, a singer who acts, or a dancer who sings! This class will not only teach healthy singing technique but will provide an environment in which students can overcome fears and nerves about being on stage. Both beginning and continuing students are welcome to take this class.



CAMP - Cancelled - 

  Instructor: Mickie Mosley 
    M-F: June 17 
– July 19
(no class 7/4)                                  TIME: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
GRADES 6–12, or permission of the                                          instructor
FEE: $485

Zombie Shakespeare: Macbeth is
a rehearsal and performance
camp that will present Shakespeare's famous play "Macbeth" - about an ambitious, murdering Scotsman and his wicked queen... with Zombies!
The camp will cover learning how
to read and perform Shakespeare (while adding a bit of fun with
dead characters returning as, you guessed it... zombies). Basic skills will be addressed in the class including performance, voice and body language. Be prepared for surprises!


FILM ESSENTIALS      Instructor: Sarah Gaudoin


    Instructor: Tanya Olson
      M-F: June 2428
      TIME: 9:30PM – 12:00PM
      GRADES 2–4
       FEE: $245

Reach for the stars; it's time to go on a fantastical journey! Students dive right into learning theatrical performance in a fun and creative environment. Building upon their introduction to drama, students
will showcase an original play with a time travel theme! Written by the lead instructor with creative and hilarious input from students.

 MUSIC INSTITUTE III          Vocal Performance      Instructor: Justin Gaudoin     Wednesdays: Sept 27 – Dec 13       TIME: 5:00PM – 6:30PM    GRADES: 5 - 12    FEE $185


   Instructor: Palmer Davis
     M-F: July 22 – August 2
     TIME: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
     GRADES: 412

     FEE $325

In this 2-week Musical Theatre "bootcamp", students will create
a showcase of scenes and songs from popular American Musical Theatre to perform at the end of the session. The course will break down the components of a musical, create characters, teach choreography, music and staging. With an emphasis on creative discipline, positivity and passion, students will thrive in this workshop! Palmer Davis has been in the performing arts industry for over 35 years. A Graduate of UCLA dance department, Palmer worked in LA dancing in the Academy Awards, Emmys, television, and film.


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