The Arts and Crafts Theatre (later renamed the Ablalone Theatre, Carmel Playhouse and the Filmarte) was built on the present site of the current Golden Bough, adjacent to the original Arts and Crafts Clubhouse.

Ted Kuster opens the Theatre of the Golden Bough on Ocean Avenue in downtown Carmel. Hailed acress the world as a beautiful and technically innovative facility, it is labeled "the greatest little playhouse in America."

One the third weekend in May - following a performance of the thriller By Candlelight - the Theatre of the Golden Bough on Ocean Avenue burns to the ground. An unnamed arsonist is blamed. Kuster consolidates operations at the Monte Verde Street theatre, eventually renaming it. The Golden Bough Playhouse. The operatioon includes a Schoool of the Theatre, which grows to achieve a national reputation.

In an incredible twist of fate, on the third weekend of May, the relocated Golden Bough Playhouse again burns to the ground after a revival performance of By Candlelight! The ocffical cause of the fire is "spontaneous combustion."

The present 332-seat Golden Bough Playhouse reopens on Monte Verde Street, and includes the newly designed 99-seat Cirlcle Theatre on the Casanova Street side of the building. The new facility features both live performance and film.
Due to financial pressures, the Golden Bough Theare is leased, and eventually sold to the Golden State Theater Company, later known as United Artists. Meanwhile, live theatre and classes continues in the downstairs Circle Theatre, including Marica Hovick's Children's Experimental Theatre, whcih began there in 1960.

Due to fires, finances and good old-fashioned small-town politics, the Circle Theatre of the Golden Bough closes and becomes a storage facility.

Stephen Moorer creates GroveMont Theatre (eventually renamed Pacific Repertory Theatre), staging productions at Carmel's Cherry Hall, and presenting Robinson Jeffers' Medea at the Forest Theater, featuring local acting legend Rosamond Goodrich Zanides.
PacRep reactivates the old Carmel Shakespeare Festival at the Forest Theater. The company also begins producing children's and family productions on the outdoor stage, and the aging facility enjoys a "cultural awakening," once again receiving attention from the theatre-going and business community.

PacRep campaigns to Save the Golden Bough, eventually raising $1.2 million to prevent the facility from succumbing to the wrecking ball. The inaugural season opens in March 1995 with repertory producions of Death of a Salesman on the main stage and La Bete in the Circle Theatre, both directed by PacRep Founder Stephen Moorer.

Olympia Dukakis performed in PacRep's The Cherry Orchard.

Hamilton star Daveed Diggs performed in PacRep's Troilus & Cressida, and The Comedy of Errors.

Susannah York performed in her solo show, The Loves of Shakespeare's Women at the Golden Bough.