If you are interested in bidding on our Fantasy Live Auction items by proxy, please fill out the online form below, or download the linked printable form. PacRep Theatre must receive this form no later than TBA.

If you print your own form, you may submit it via email to or by fax to 831-622-0703.

For more information, please call Kathi at 831-622-0700.

I/We, am/are unable to attend PacRep's Annual Gala Event, but would like to bid via proxy on the items listed below, to be auctioned on TBA. I/We hereby appoint PacRep as my/our personal bidder and give them the authority to bid on my/our behalf.

  1. I/We am/are over 18 and can enter into legally binding contracts under applicable law.
  2. I understand that the deductible value of an auction purchase is limited to the excess of the amount contributed by the donor over the fair market value of goods or services provided.
  3. By submitting this Proxy Bid Form, I/we agree to purchase the package(s) listed above if my/our bid is the winning bid.
  4. If the winning bid is the maximum bid for more than one person/group participating by proxy, then the person/group whose proxy form was received in the PacRep office first will be the winner.
  5. I/We understand that submission of the Proxy Bid Form is binding and cannot be changed without written agreement from all parties.
  6. Full payment from the winning bidder/group must be received by TBA.
  7. Pacific Repertory Theatre is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, EIN 97-0026957.
  8. Successful bidders may mail payments to PacRep, PO Box 222035, Carmel, CA 93922 or call Julie at (831) 622-0700 ext 102, to make other arrangements.

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