The Golden Bough Theatre

In 1905, the "bohemians” arrived in Carmel. Almost immediately, the Carmel Club of Arts & Crafts opened the town's first theatre and cultural center, the Arts & Crafts Clubhouse. It was located on the site of today's Circle Theatre of the Golden Bough Playhouse!

In 1993, PacRep saved the historic site from development.

In 2005, “the next 100 years” of Carmel theatre history began with exciting plans for the Carmel cultural community.

In 2011, the non-profit company completed the first phase of an exciting new renovation, including the addition of a computerized revolving stages.

In 2016, solar power was installed, eliminating PacRep's carbon footprint.

In 2020, the PacRep is in progress to proceed with its 2nd phase renovation of the Golden Bough. 

PacRep's production of Spamalot the Musical (2013)

PacRep's production of Mary Poppins the Musical (2016)

PacRep's SoDAonStage production of Alice in Wonderland Jr. (2016)

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