Picasso at the Lapin Agile Michael D Jacobs John Farmanesh-Bocca
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The spirit of Bohemia...
and the ancient art of patronage, have long been intertwined. From Kings and emperors to citizens and business owners, entire communities generously supported the creative process of poets and writers, painters and sculptures, 
actors and musician.

We  invite you to continue the tradition...

Since its founding, over one million area residents and visitors have been introduced to great theatre through PacRep, and from the very beginning, PacRep donors have been more than just observers of our work. They play an essential part of creating great theater!

In fact, gifts from individuals, businesses, government and foundations underwrite 40% of PacRep’s annual operating budget!  These important gifts are the means by which we create beautifully crafted productions, keep ticket prices affordable and offer stimulating education programs. 

PacRep gratefully acknowledge donations over $100 in our theatre programs. Donors who give over $1000 (Bohemian Circle and above) receive added benefits, including personal invitations to special Major Donor activities and events.