Encore Specticast
Film Screenings

2014 Season
Live Performances

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Golden Bough
Hello, Broadway!
Tribute Concert - July
SHREK the Musical      - Aug/Sept
* The Winter's Tale Oct
The Full Monty Nov/Dec
* The Legends of Rock
  Tribute Concert

Circle Theatre 
* Venus in Fur - Apr/May
* Evie's Waltz - June
The Servant of Two
- Oct/Nov

Forest Theater
(closed for renovations)

Jesus Christ Superstar Jan/Feb 2014
Dr. Dolittle, Jr.
- Mar/Apr 2014


To enable us to provide suitable housing to our guest actors, directors and designers, we need your valuable support in the time-honored tradition of being a Housing Host.

We are in great need of accommodations for nationally acclaimed actors and directors of prominent stature, as well as young theatre interns from across the nation.
If you have a guest house, a cottage, a furnished apartment, or a guest room in your home that may be available, please contact our Housing Host Chair, Stephen Moorer at 622-0700 ext. 104.