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Golden Bough
* Buddy, Elvis and the              GangAug
CATS Nov/Dec
Solid Gold Tribute                   Concert Dec/Jan

Circle Theatre 
* TBA - May

Forest Theater
(Tentative: if re-opened)
The Wizard of Oz

Moll Flanders Oct

SoDAonSTAGE 2015
Pirates of Penzance
Jan 30 - Feb 22
Mulan, Jr. 
Apr 10 - May 3

Encore Film Screenings

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2015 Auditions

PacRep 2015
Spring Children's Musical:


Mulan Jr.!

The spring children's musical will run from April 10 - May 3, 2015 
Rehearsals will begin in late February.

Numerous roles for young people of all ages!

Open Auditions: February 14/15
Stay Tuned!

Submissions now being accepted. 
Audition appointments available.
Please Prepare 1 or song and one monologue or poem, of up to 1 minute each

To schedule an audition appointment, 
please call Cindy at the 
Golden Bough

Tues - Sat, 11am - 4pm

2015 Professional Musical Productions:

General Auditions: JAN 11 and JAN 18, 4pm -9pm
Wizard of Oz
Directed and Choreographed by Lara Devlin
(to be performed at the Outdoor Forest Theater)

Choreographed by Joe Neison
(to be performed at the Golden Bough Theatre)

Ongoing, by arrangement
Golden Bough Theatre, Carmel

Please prepare up to 2 songs and monologues, 

combined total of 3 minutes

To schedule an audition appointment, please call Cindy at the Golden Bough
Tues - Sat, 11am - 4pm

NOW Available: Apply ONLINE (form below) or
Pictures and resumes may be emailed to: auditions@pacrep.org
or snail-mailed to: PacRep Theatre P.O. Box 222035, Carmel, CA 93922

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Spring Musical (Jan 29 - Feb 22)
Rehearsal: Dec and Jan
Children's Musical (Apr 10 - May 3)
Rehearsal - mid-Feb to early April
Summer Musical (Aug 13 - Sept 27)
Rehearsal July, Aug
Winter Musical CATS (Nov19 -Dec 20)
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